Request A Custom Tee


Please message the following to my shop Instagram @SHOPELLESONG or through our "Contact" page.

1. State what SIZECOLOR and TYPE of tee you’d like. What is available on our website is what is currently in stock. We have some unlisted stock, so if you're looking for a different color/style it doesn't hurt to ask! I will let you know if anything is unavailable.

2. State what you would like WRITTEN on the tee, and please write it EXACTLY as you want it written, with capitalization, punctuation, line spacing, etc. There are NO returns/refunds if you do not like how it is written, I will print it exactly how you give it to me!

3. State the FONT and COLOR of the text that you would like. For inspo, you can look at previous fonts I have used on my other tees. I have glitter colors available as well. Ask me!

4. For CUSTOM GRAPHICS, please DM me the image inspo/design you’d like. I will let you know if it is within my ability to recreate it.

5. If your request is approved, I will let you know pricing details. Our custom tees start at $25 and can range up to $45 depending on the complexity of your design. Tanks/camis begin at $25 and can range up to $40 depending on the design. Please ask for a quote for hoodies, sweatpants, or shorts.

IMPORTANT: ALL prices are FIRM due to the fact that you are ordering a custom and customs take more time and effort to create. I also handprint and make each tee to order, so all sales are final. DO NOT request a custom if you are not willing to pay the suggested pricing.

6. I will then create a preview of your tee so you have an idea and can adjust anything before creation!